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Why Choose Master Jun's Tae Kwon Do?

It can be tough trying to choose between different martial arts schools, however asking the right questions can help you make the right decision.
  • Does the Master teach the class eveyday?
  • What is the quality of the instruction?
  • What does the facility look like? Is it large, clean, and safe?
  • What is the atmosphere like? Is it positive and encouraging?
  • How does the class schedule work? Is it flexible?
  • Where is the school located? Is there a convenient location nearby?
By answering these questions, you will be better able to choose the best martial arts school for you and your family.

How does Master Jun's Tae Kwon Do compare?
Master Jun is teaching the class everyday
Some other schools are taught by a junior or teenager instructor. At Jun Taekwondo, Master Jun teaches the class everyday.
Expert Martial Arts Leadership
6th degree black belt in Taekwondo and a 3rd degree black belt in Hapkido
Current tournament vice chair of Ontario Taekwondo Association
Certified National Referee by Taekwondo Canada
Master Instructor certified by Kukkiwon
A certificate identifying the holder as a licensed Taekwondo Master Instructor certified by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarters located in Seoul, Korea
WTF Certificates for International Competition:
JUN Taekwondo is a member of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), the only Tae Kwon Do organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee. All certificates issued by Master Jun and Jun Tae Kwon Do are officially recognized by the WTF for competition. This allows our students the opportunity to compete in events locally, nationally, and even internationally at the Olympics.
Clean and safe facilities:
We take pride in the quality of our Tae Kwon Do schools. Our facilities provide clean and safe environments for our students and families.
A positive learning environment:
We know what a big difference an encouraging environment can make. We welcome you to visit our school and experience this positive atmosphere in person.
Personal attention for every student
We know the impact a good teacher can have on a student. Our Master is patient and enthusiastic, and teach with a perfect blend of discipline and fun. Every student receives personal attention - our Master is dedicated to helping all of our students achieve their best.
See what a big difference martial arts classes at Master Jun's Tae Kwon Do can make.

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